“Golden Compass” Update… We Are Having an Effect!

The boycott that many Christian leaders have asked for is working! “The Golden Compass” opened to a low turnout this past weekend!

Boycott Credited for ‘Golden Compass’ Lackluster Opening

“The lackluster opening of the controversial movie “The Golden Compass” has some media outlets reporting that a Christian-organized boycott of the film seems to be working. Splashing news headlines for controversy over its anti-religious themes, the fantasy film debuted at the box office last Friday, taking in an estimated $26.1 million from markets in United States and Canada. That amount falls short of the $30 million to $40 million that had been expected. Rolf Mittweg of New Line Cinema, which released ‘Compass,’ concedes that the religion controversy ‘might have had an effect,’ reported USA Today. But Mittweg said he didn’t think such controversy would historically last and noted that the controversy did little to deter the film’s performance internationally – grossing $55 million in 25 territories. The Catholic League, however, is claiming victory after being criticized by the media for boycott efforts, which many thought would have a reverse effect and attract more people to see the film. Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, pointed out that the $180 million budget movie took in much less than the $65.5 million grossed by ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ in its opening weekend and also failed to beat the $33.3 million box office debut of ‘Enchanted,’ a recently released Disney movie. He insisted Monday that ‘the inescapable conclusion is that our boycott worked.'”

Keep up the great work!

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