I’m Not Sitting Down and Shutting Up!

I get that secular humanists don’t like Christians. They find us so superstitious, after all, we believe in an invisible God, and we worship Him, essentially admitting that we are incapable of helping ourselves. After all, we need help from this “God” just to go to some place after death that they don’t even think exists. I mean, after all! Come on! Poor, pitiful people, they need to just sit down, shut up, and quit quoting that ancient, useless, Book of theirs!

That’s what they are saying today. Well, tough. I AM a Christian, and whether they like it or not, I believe the ENTIRE Bible. The Bible IS the unadulterated, pure, accurate Word of God! If it says homosexuality is a sin. Then guess what? It IS a sin! Your whining about it won’t change what it says. Furthermore, your whining about it won’t change the FACT that I believe the Bible!

I heard Bill O’Reilly last night say that Phil Robertson wasn’t “behaving like a Christian” because the Book of Luke says we are not to judge anyone. Well, first of all, Bill O’Reilly is not the person I would listen to for Biblical exegesis, but secondly, Phil Robertson, from A&E’s “Duck Dynasty” was not pointing to an individual person and saying, “THAT guy is a homosexual, and HE is NOT going to heaven!” All Phil said, was the accurate statement that THE BIBLE says that homosexuality is a sin. And, it does. Denying it won’t change it. Not saying it won’t change it. In fact, Phil when on IN THE SAME interview, and said that he was not a man’s judge, but God was. He said that he was going to “leave it all to God.” Well, good on you, Phil! BUT, O’Reilly is taking the same stand that the media at large has adopted… they have a specific agenda. O’Reilly even agreed in his discussion that “this was done to further their political cause.” What is that cause? To state emphatically that Bible believing Christians should sit down, shut up, and fade away! After all, THEY (the secular media) know better.

Well, check me out. I am not sitting down, and I am not shutting up. Deal with it!

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