Merely an Observation…

To my liberal friends, a simple observation: The President recently said that if the Republicans (essentially) don’t support his agenda, then he would have no choice but to continue to use Executive privilege to usurp the Constitutional process and enforce what amounts to “royal edits” that over-ride, and bypass, laws that have been enacted through the, apparently, “old , out-dated” Constitutional process.

Naturally, those that agree with the President’s socialist agenda think that this is perfectly fine… after all, it bypasses those “obstructionist” Republicans that are attempting to do what their own constituents want them to do to stop the Obama Administration from continuing to take apart our whole Constitutional system, and take us further into socialism.

My question: assuming that one day we have another Republican president, will it therefore, be okay with you to bypass the Constitutional process, and hand down edicts that completely reverse everything that Progressives have done to damage our country? That would okay, right? That would be fair. OK, then, if and when it happens, I firmly expect you to sit down, and shut up… just like you are telling us to do now.

After all, fair is fair.

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