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This Charisma Magazine article offers some hope that we can send a message that Christians aren’t “less-than-loving,” or “extremists.”

One Way to Stop Obama’s Attacks on Christianity

“At an Easter Prayer Breakfast, President Obama attacked Christians.

He called Christians ‘less-than-loving.’

He did it surrounding the day Christians celebrate the ultimate gift of love—the day Christ died because He loved us.

It’s offensive and uncalled for.

But this isn’t the first time he’s insulted Christians.

At the National Prayer Breakfast earlier this year, he demanded Christians get off their ‘high horse’ about Christian persecution. And his Administration has labeled Christians in the military as ‘extremists.’

We’re fighting back—defending Christians—demanding President Obama apologize.

Add your name to our open letter:

Mr. President, Christians aren’t ‘extremists.’ We aren’t unloving. We’re not on a ‘high horse’ about persecution. Every day Christians die for their faith. They sacrifice their lives for others. Your comments were wrong and hurtful. Stop maligning the Christian faith.

Click here to sign the letter.”

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