My Determined Stand of Faith!

I posted this on Facebook, and was encouraged by the support I got:

“I am about to say something so controversial, so forbidden by society at large, it may shock many. I can’t say that I am sorry, because I am not… I have had people tell me I should not say this lest it impact my career, my friendships, in fact, everything. If you are as bold, and brazen, as I am, then be prepared to face persecution. But, here goes… are you ready?

I believe the Holy Bible to be the inspired Word of God. It says what it means, and means what it says. My personal thoughts, opinions, and feelings mean NOTHING compared to the infallible Word of God. I read it, believe it, and live it. I allow God’s Word to inform my thinking, my beliefs, and my opinions.
There, I have said it. Deal with it!”

We will be persecuted due to our stand of God’s Word. But, so be it! God’s unchanging Word is true!

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