A Word for the Wise

This is a post from the Family Research Council web site:

“President Obama may not think America is a Christian nation — but the majority of people want it to be. According to the Barna Group’s annual ‘State of the Bible’ report, most Americans think the country would be better off if they read and applied God’s word to daily life. And that includes politicians. More than half of Americans think our elected officials would be ‘more effective’ if they read Scripture every day. In an election cycle when we’ve witnessed some of the worst personal attacks of any campaigns, it would certainly add some civility to the race. Despite the significant cultural shift in the country, 80 percent still see the Bible as sacred literature — which, the majority believes, has too little influence on society.

‘From the Ten Commandments to the Golden Rule, the Bible certainly contains principles for political discourse — even for the non-Christian,’ said a Barna spokeswoman. ‘And for Americans, who are steeped in both a historical and present Christian cultural influence, the Bible remains an important moral document, not just a religious one.’ So if a majority of Americans think the Bible and its teachings would have a positive influence on our public life, why have we allowed a vocal minority to purge it from public life? If our country truly is ‘of the people, by the people, and for the people’ isn’t it time to do something about that? Stand up for what you believe in! As an American, it’s your right — and as a Christian, it’s your responsibility.”

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