My Personal Stand on America as a Nation

I feel the need to state, for the record, my stand on America as a country. Our country is being trashed in the media, by protesters, by many in our land. They have the microphone. I do not. However, for anyone that does want to know where I personally stand, here it is:

The United States of America was founded by people that believed, and stood for, personal freedom. America was founded by people that were, by in large, believers in God. Whether Christians, Jews, or other religions, they, as I say, generally believed in God. Our founders regularly spoke of, and affirmed, that God was involved in the founding of our nation.
Our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, and our Bill of Rights all appeal to a common belief in God, in virtue, and in Biblical principles. Even a cursory reading of these founding documents illustrate that fact. To continue to deny that is patently absurd.

The people that fought in the Revolutionary War (you know, the one that founded our nation, and allowed us to break free from Great Britain back in 1776) believed in God, in fact many pastors of that time formed what was called “The Black Robe Legion) that helped fight that War of Independence. They were involved in the “politics” of that day, and saw no problem in doing so. Oh, that we had a legion of pastors and church leaders today that would stand up for our rights, and freedoms! I know, there are some, but sadly, they are in the minority in these “politically correct” days!

Our country has had its problems in the past, and in the present, but my personal belief is that it is still the greatest country on earth, and that overall it is trying to be the very best nation that it can be. I am not naive enough to believe that we have always been on the right side of every conflict we have been in, but our “batting average” still is high in terms of being on the right side of history. Can we improve? Yes. The more we lean into our dependence on God and His Word to guide our way, the better, and closer we will be as a nation to what God has called us to be. And, make no mistake, we DO have a calling as a nation. We are called to support those old fashioned concepts of truth, justice, and yes, the even the American way!
We are a unique country, with a unique history. Please, let us join together to keep our nation free to be what it was founded to be… a refuge for personal freedom, justice, and freedom of thought, speech, belief and personal determination. We have some hard choices ahead. I trust we will continue to live up to the vision our founding fathers had for us, as a nation. Amen!

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